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Senior Data Software Engineer

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  • Salary: $70
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  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H1, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD, CPT
  • Job ID: 07960
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Job Description

Job Description

Senior Data Software Engineer

The Senior Data Software Engineer is responsible for the decision support systems and data model of the platform-as-a-service. The Senior Data Software Engineer is responsible for developing the analytical and reporting capabilities that underpin our information management lifecycle that will serve both our users and IT Service Owners. The Senior Data Software Engineer is a data scientist that will help discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data, and help make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. The primary focus of the Senior Data Software Engineer is in applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with our products. You will be responsible to store, analyze, query, and mine data to determine the best methodology to impart information from the data available. Be able to transform data into information via presentation technologies, such as reporting engines or web interfaces.


Responsible for Data Architecture and Data Modeling of the Platform Directory.
Process, cleanse, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis or platform operations.
Responsible for PowerBI report development of services, products, and technology information delivered to internal and external customers.
Identify and communicate opportunities for service design improvements.
Identify and communicate opportunities for automation and improved data management.
Identify and communicate opportunities for new uses for data of existing product lines.
Identify and communicate data risks associated with products, processes, procedures, tools, or people.
Job Requirements:

Data-oriented personality.
Good critical thinking and problem-solving skills for interpreting data.
Proficient in data architecture and design including graph, relational, and non-relational data models.
Proficient in using query languages such as SQL.
Proficient in database development including T-SQL.
Proficient in SQL Server.
Proficient understanding in C#, Python, TypeScript and all .NET frameworks.
Proficient in CI/CD, DevOps, and agile ways of working including the common practices of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, KanPlan, and ScrumPlan.
Proficient in using the Atlassian suite of tools including JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
Proficient in building datasets and reports using PowerBI.
Proficient in Self-Training.

Nice to Have:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, at the Professional level
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
SAFe DevOps Practitioner Certification