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RACF Consultant

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  • Salary: $65
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  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD
  • Job ID: 06105
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Shivam 7 Kings Code

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Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities
Extensive z/OS System Security knowledge (i.e. RACF, Global Security Settings, SSL and Digital Certificate, risk assessment, business continuity/DR, etc.),

3 plus years with hands on zOS Logical Security support (Skill Level 3-4 on a 0-4 scale) (this does NOT include UserID Administration support).
Comprehensive knowledge of IBM policies: GSD331, ISeC, CSD and ITCS104 requirements to provide guidance to z/OS System Support teams, Business Controls and the customer,
Knowledge of generally excepted security standards: HIPPA, PCI, DISA STIGS, and NIST requirements to provide guidance to z/OS System Support teams, Business Controls and the customer,
In-depth knowledge of various system and sub-system products: used to evaluate and implement Software/Application security (i.e.: z/OS, CICS, DB2, IMS, MQSeries, Omegamon, JES2, CA7/OPC, CA1/RMM, etc.),
z/OS System and Sub-System knowledge (i.e.: JCL, SDSF, JES2/3, FTP,…) – Must be able to create/update/run Jobs in support of security changes and monitoring,
Broad data analysis and report writing skills – Tools: RACFRW, ETF/A, zSecure, VRA, JCL, SAS, etc. Coding skills: REXX, Clist, CARLa,…
Robust Problem Determination and Problem Resolution skills – understands the steps required to investigate the core issue and determine a secure resolution,
Experience with managing (open/close) Problem and Change tickets within the variety of IPC tools,
Above average Oral/Written Communication skills – Is able to consult on and present security concepts to management and clients,
Working knowledge of MS-Word,MS-Excel, and terminal emulators (i.e.: Attachment, TN3270, Reflections…)
Self Starter that requires minimal oversight – Able to multitask, set priorities, and lead projects and meetings,
Able to provide 24/7 On-Call and after hours support for Sev1/2 problems and upgrades.


MVS system support / programming skills and UserID Administration type skills.