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Lead Java Developer

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  • Salary: $65
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  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H1, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD, CPT
  • Job ID: 07961
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Shivam 7 Kings Code

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Job Description

Job Description

Lead Java Developer:


Developer will work in an Agile environment, developing software to meet client needs for Real time drilling visualization
Functionality to be developed in existing software (DecisionSpace Geosciences) and include 3D
rendering, API connection, general coding/logic building, and bug fixing
Specific functionality to be developed includes displaying 2D text data object in 3D, Generating images and shapes in 3D, and filtering 3D objects in space

Skillset Requirements:

Basic 3D graphics knowledge
Open Gl and/or packages based on OpenGL, WEBGL, etc
3D primitives, 3D object design/modelling, rendering pipeline, transformations, rotation, etc
LGC 3D API/toolkit experience, for existing dev being moved to project
Wellbore domain experience especially well trajectory, domain knowledge such as TVD, MD, etc