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Java Developer

  • Position:
  • Salary: $50-70
  • Location:
  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H1, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD, CPT
  • Job ID: 07951
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Required Skills:

Shivam 7 Kings Code

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Job Description

A successful track-record and proven experience as a backend internet services software developer.
Proven aptitude for building, launching and operating very large-scale production internet services.
Deep knowledge of Java, Java libraries, non-blocking and thread safe programming.
Understanding of C++ libraries and JNI integration a plus.
Some exposure to structured or unstructured storage and caching.
Understanding of file system handling on Linux.
Experience with Web UI, including modern JS frameworks (e.g. React) a plus.
Knowledge of continuous integration, testing methodologies, TDD and agile development methodologies.
Open to pair programming.
demonstrated hands on experience administering AWS, EKS, EC2, EBS.