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Java Developer

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  • Salary: $$60-65
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  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H1, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD, CPT
  • Job ID: 07177
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Job Description

Job Description
Project Details – Size, Scale, Scope?

Working on – responsible for rebuilding it
Currently using in-house CMS and looking to upgrade to a more modern but also in-house CMS – doing new code, new designs, etc. – potentially new site design in the future but CMS is priority one
Building the administrative tools that the team needs to build the WG site, creation of widgets, something that is able to work to the business easily etc.
Will be involved in laying the ground-work and then building out the solution
Technical stack is already determined: JAVA, Angular, Oracle DB
Will not be changing the technical stack as they have already determined and matches their other applications technical stack
Will be starting with the database layer and working to build it out from there

Day to Day Responsibilities/typical day look like:

Back-end coding focused – will be responsible for building all the APIs for the CMS and doing all the heavy lifting in the JAVA spring environment
Understand basics of Spring but not having to do a lot of configuration or modification because they already have samples of established spring code

Technical Must-haves:

Spring (Classic Spring and may use some Spring-Boot)

Preferred qualifications:

Oracle Database design/data modeling skills


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