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Data Engineer

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  • Salary: $65
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  • Work Eligibility: USC, GC, GC-EAD, TN, H1, H4-EAD, OPT-EAD, CPT
  • Job ID: 07952
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Job Description

Job Description

Data Engineer in the data engineering program delivering a ground up data lake build. This role will be responsible for hands-on delivery work of data engineering designs and implementations aligned to best practices and consistently implemented providing business value. The Data Engineer is required to possess proven expertise and development skill in data engineering including modern cloud data lake ingestion, migration, management, and consumption patterns enabling analytics solution development and delivery across the enterprise at scale.


Engineering and software development skills in the delivery of full data lifecycle frameworks and patterns including data acquisition, migration, storage, transformation, prep, and consumption to support a ground up Enterprise Data Lake build for use in analytics solutions at different maturity levels between data science and operational teams
Hands-on data engineering design and implementations including data ingestion, data models, data structures, data storage, high-throughput data processing, data pipelines, and data monitoring at scale
Follow data engineering best practices with considerations for high data availability, computational efficiency, cost, and quality
Build and maintain environments, processes, functionalities, and tools to improve all stages of data lake implementation and analytics solution development, e.g., proof of concepts, prototypes, and production
Deliver capability for repeatable, configuration driven automation throughout the data lifecycle based on designated approaches
Maintain awareness of relevant technology trends and product updates (i.e. AWS Services)
Skills implementing general IT concepts, strategies, methodologies, modern application and data engineering architectures and approaches including cloud, streaming, event based, IoT data, and edge server capability
Write complex programs, enabling automation in cloud environments
Implement configuration driven, reusable, automation frameworks consistent with designed approaches
Apply DevOps best practices, CI/CD processes and tools, testing frameworks
Optimize data solutions for multi-petabyte data systems in batch, streaming, and event approaches
Work with agile methodologies, cross-functional teams (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Test Engineers), backlog grooming, and tooling
Ensure alignment and best practices for data governance


3+ years of professional experience in data engineering related roles – full software development lifecycle, DBA, data architect, data engineer
1+ years specific experience in modern data engineering and cloud data practices including various data lake ingestion techniques, ETL/ELT, consumption, and operations
Working experience in data analytics (data wrangling, mining, integration, analysis, visualization, data modeling, analysis/analytics, and reporting) using BI (Business Intelligence) tools
Expertise in AWS services including S3, EC2, SQS, EMR, Lambda, Step Functions, Terraform, Glue, Redshift, Athena, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, and IAM; Programming background and ability to utilize a variety of software/languages/tools, e.g., Python, Scala, Java, Spark, Hive, SQL; Linux including Korn shell, scripting, and regex
Degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience